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this is abc news at noon. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we began with breaking news from the financial world. stock prices are plummeting. the down is down 316. investors focus on problems ranging from the fiscal cliff to
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the recession in europe. the stock market casting the shadow over the re-election celebration of obama. about no significant shift in the status quo. -- >> no significant shift in the status quo. we go to obama campaign headquarters. >> supporters rejoice outside the white house and in chicago. >> i want to thank every american who participated in this election. voted for the first time or waited a line -- which it in line for a long time. >> the outcome became clear before a midnight and the midwestern firewall held firm. >> we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come
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out. >> 303 votes for obama 206 votes for mitt romney. the popular vote for president obama, 59 million votes governor romney with a 56 million. the crowd in boston was ten's most of the night which gave way to disappointment. >> paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. >> only 70% of voters were white, and that hurt the be publicans. it helps obama put together a winning coalition of younger voters and minority voters. >> it is a party for modern family america. >> while some voters believe the economy is in bad shape --
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>> the obama family taking these easy after the campaign. the only event scheduled is fighting back to the white house. plans for inauguration day already in action. this is the smartrip card that will go on sale in december. it will cost $15. sam ford has more on the city's preparation starting at 5:00 p.m. >> we are on storm watch as a storm off the coast could create florey's -- flurries. >> it has been impacting the north east already with strong winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. when 7 picked up here just yet. we will see a backwards movement on the storm and that could nudge some of that monster into
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our every gap. it looks like we will get off pretty easily over all. there could be one or 2 inches in baltimore, but that may be generous. wins out of the north at 12 miles per hour and we have some 30 degree readings up to the west. 37 in winchester, for example. when you look at the system as a whole, travel will be very difficult. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. laguardia has already crowded many flights. delays in to philadelphia are already beginning. east of the 9-95 corridor has the best chance to see those snowflakes.
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>> people in new york and new jersey are bracing for the storm as they are still recovering from hurricane sandy. residents are being warned to evacuate the second time in two weeks. people need to get out and start stocking up on supplies. a >> just what i thought i was going to get more sleep we are getting this nor'easter and it will be all hands on deck again. >> it is not expected to be anywhere near as strong as superstorm sandy. >> mellon is the first in the nation -- maryland is the first state in the nation to allow marriage by popular vote. it got 52% of the vote. it >> of sides are trying to sway voters. -- both sides were trying to sway voters. supporters rallied at an event on the streets of maryland.
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not everyone is happy with the outcome. >> marriage in maryland will conclude same-sex couples. if voters narrowly approved the controversial question 6. >> i think melic equality should be for everyone. >> overwhelming a motion for everyone. it was the first day to approve the issue through popular vote. >> this is a great opportunity. i am proud to be an american. >> earlier this year, the general assembly gave gay marriage a green light but opponents got enough signatures to put it to a vote. some church leaders fought back over it, but the voters have spoken, and maryland will become 1 of two new states to about same-sex couples to get a marriage license.
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>> i do not see why we should not have it. >> it is not my thing. >> four states taking up relations -- issues related to same-sex marriage. in minnesota, of voters defeated a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage. same-sex couples can start getting merit certificates in january. >> thank you began -- brianne. >> maryland voters also approved a question to put gambling in a maryland. >> this was not also a controversial ballot but the most expensive political maryland. it was an extremely tight race, finally winning a 52% to 48%. >> with the campaign signs still
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lining the streets supporters are basking in the glow of a victory. >> it is good for pt county. >> fireworks were shot off over the potomac river. dozens of casino employees from detroit were bused to maryland's new entertainment destination to stir up support. >> it will create jobs -- benefits for families. >> the casino giant footed the bill for the almost $9 million spent. the new casino cannot open until 2016, but the additional table games could be popping up statewide as early as next year. jobs and jobs and jobs. >> how do we know the money will be used for school?
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>> maryland generated $39 million in revenue alone, and some believe $500 million has been generated for education alone. >> i have not seen education improved since the lottery. >> it has passed statewide and also in the prince george's county. it passed with 59% of of the vote. live at national harbor, john gonzales. >> mellon also voted allowed illegal immigrants to -- maryland also voted to allow eagle -- illegal to pay and state tuition. >> police are investigating a ninth case of a cropping attack. ed happened on thursday afternoon just minutes after an number-one -- another 1 in springfield. so far, no suspect has been
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named. >> coming up congress up against another deadline that could cost thousands of hong numbers -- homeowners. >> this cat and kept getting the last laugh despite a resounding boss. >> two men said from a burning building. >> give an eye out for some snowflakes today. 42 degrees
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>> and recovering after firefighters pulled him out from a burning building. the fire broke out at a home --
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they met in his 60s in serious condition. -- of the man at in his 60's in serious condition. there is no word on what caused the fire. arlington firefighters put out a fire on top of a parking garage at wilson boulevard. that was a little after 2:00 a.m. there were no injuries. via >> the scandal at penn state university the former president out on bail after an arraignment. gramm spaniard was charged with perjury and other charges. he conspired to conceal complaints against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >> going back to the election and a battleground virginia. tim kaine defeated geroge
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allen. that pulled in more outside money than any other senate race as republicans try to get george allen back into the senate. the senate race was not just between kaine and allen. another senate candidate was running as well. >> handicapped was vying for 8 u.s. senator -- a us senate seat -- hank the cat was running for us senate. his campaign raised $16,000 for animal rescue groups. >> we are talking about the coastal storm. >> snowflakes on the way, right?
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>> possibly. we thought the price of this system was going to state north east but it is moving faster than we thought and our impact is going to be a very minimal. there could be a little bit of light rain and snow mixing, especially in northeastern maryland. clouds from the storm for sure. these clouds have been moving overhead all day long. as we take a look at our radar we can see rank along del mar. the -- delmarva. winds dusting up to 30 miles an hour. reagan national at 44 degrees. winds at 12 miles per hour.
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winchester at 37 degrees and 44 at annapolis. you can see the dip in the jet stream across the region. that will be lifting up towards the north by the end of the week. once we get rid of this coastal storm, however whether it will look a lot better. -- our whether it will look a lot better. the storm will began to retrograde it which will increase our chances of getting the rain and snow mex. -- rain and snow mix. possibly one or 2 inches at best. we should not have a problem for the drive home, and even if we
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get some snow our temperatures welt warm up on the ground, so it will melt on contact. this does spread across the every yeah but it might be a little too far west. i-95 will have the best possibility of some snow. the forecast for today, cloudy and breezy, a little rand with some snow east. in the low 40's to upper-30's. we should stay breezy for tomorrow and coolidge with 50 degrees. but look at the weekend. 60 degrees on saturday it with 63 on sunday. that will be looking a lot better over the next few days.
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>> new york and new jersey began to hawker down for some storms. but children in mclean va. are relief to those affected by sandy. the trends -- the items will be transported to staten island it tomorrow. the donations will be accepted for the next 40 minutes. coming up, struggling home owners could face a hit in the coming months. >> the tax relief plan that will expire. >> a la " woman loses everything in a five-year except the nagging cable bill that no longer exists. she decided to
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>> breaking news coming in from quantum all-out. a magnitude 7.4 earthquake just rocked the capital city of
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guatemala city. there are concerns a local tsunami might be a possibility. there are no reports of damage, but we will keep you updated. >> another tax break at risk. the market's forgiveness debt relief act of 2007 will expire. that avoids homeowners to not pay taxes on their mortgages for reduction. >> the reelection of president obama is front-page news all around the world. we will have a sample of how major newspapers handled the story. they will be displayed -- inside and outside it. >> let us take it right now --
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you saw the headlines. four more years. a second act. signed sealed, delivered. fired up -- obama wins reelection and colorado passes a marijuana measure. it is not always about the president, because here, jordan wins. that got the headlines of there. international headlines from barbados to belgium. moboama and barack-on. bloomberg business week has put up covers as they think things will happen in four years. this is how they think obama
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will age over the next four years. they also did mitt romney as well. that is how they say he will age over the next four years. >> maybe 14 years, not four. a showdown between two states and the federal government's over marijuana. colorado and washington state allow recreational use of marijuana, despite federal laws making marijuana is illegal.
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>> this year's election special for a one hundred 6-year-old woman who voted in at her first presidential election. >> she has been a lot for 19 presidencies, all the way back to roosevelt. she had a chance to vote, but did not, until this time around. >> a family in at columbia maryland celebrated election day with a new member of their family. congratulations mom and baby are doing fine. >>
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